Silk Scarf Creations


For as long as I can remember the world around me has pulled me into a vast creative journey, exploring magical arrays of colour, textures, glistening light, and dark intriguing shapes.
It is a privilege and an honor to be a part of the passion and sentiment my works of art bring to the viewer.

Heart and soul

Mary Eliza's Berries

My paintings are created with many exciting layers of colors, textures, patterns and designs.

Follow me as I share and unfold my incredible journey!

Terrie Shaw 

Granville ferry, ns

Grandmother Mary Eliza McNeil was my inspiration for this painting.

Acrylic and Mixed Media on 8" x 8" cradleboard. 

SAGE Directory cover  2017

Cliede, Marion and Eva playing Ukuleles  in the SAGE Ukulele class directed by Elaine Mann.

Mixed Media on Canvas 22" x 28"

Mural painted on my backyard fence. The purple door, and white cottage was painted first. Slate, window and window box with flowers as added.

my story