​​Terrie Shaw’s fervor for art has always been a part of her life, exploring many artistic avenues that manage to surprise and delight her on a daily basis.  She was born in Middleton, Nova Scotia. Her family moved about, living in Miami and Massachusetts until she was twelve, before moving back to Nova Scotia.

Being a United Church minister’s wife, raising five children while moving to various parts of Canada, and working as Assistant Director for a Seniors Activity Centre, has not stopped her artistic endeavors.  She has managed to find the time to explore the arts in various media: pen and ink, charcoal, oils, watercolours, and acrylics. Her other interests have included acoustic guitar, singing, clowning, quilting, interior decorating, dance, cooking and entertaining.

Her work has encompassed commissioned portraiture, indoor and outdoor murals, miniatures, watercolour, folk art, pen and ink, and mixed media. She continues to design and paint a senior’s directory cover which has been published for the past seven years.

Terrie’s first formal education in the arts was at the NSCC (Nova Scotia Community College) where she has received a Commercial Art Degree. Terrie continues to study all media with many artists, but has found Lynn Sinfield, Doris Charet,  Anne  McCartney, and David Langevin to be most inspirational.  After honing her skills with mixed media and line and wash she now enjoys teaching these mediums.

Now that Terrie is blissfully retired she works daily in her studio, enjoying painting, blogging, exhibiting in galleries, and teaching.

Artists statement

​For as long as I can remember the world around me has pulled me into a vast creative journey, exploring magical arrays of colour, textures, glistening light, and dark intriguing  shapes. 
It is a privilege and an honor to be a part of the passion and sentiment my works of art bring to the viewer.

Terrie Shaw