"You've Got Mail"

Folk art box tell a story about an old Nova Scotian homestead with a very important connection to the the world, 'the mailbox'!

Stamps on all sides of the box are a few historic and remarkable, woman; Emily Stowe, Louise McKinney, Henrietta Edwards, Therese Casgrain, Emily Murphy, Mother Theresa, and Lady Diana.

This handsome giraffe tells a story about a big heart, people all around the world, and two messages written on the legs. One is a message that my Grandmother, Josephine Love, wrote on our wedding card; "If you live for each other and not just yourself, you will have a wonderful happy life."

The other message is a quote from Rumi; "Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what your really love. It will not lead you astray."

The Snowman Creation

Such a fun little story about a child making a snowman. The first scene - child excitedly rolls a snowball up a hill. Scene two - snowman is starting to take shape. Scene three - child is getting tire and slowly pushes the third snowball. Fourth scene - snowman is complete, but child is tuckered out!

 Community Store

The upper back of the chair depicts life in a rural community in the  1800's. The seat, is a braided rug and, a valued pet. The rungs - chickens and a special quote, "My life is rich, my blessings many."

Winters can be long, drab, and cold. Folk art can brighten up any corner!


Terrie Shaw 


Folk Art has been around for centuries, it is colourful, quaint and it tells an interesting story. Folk Art Painting can be done on canvas, wood, ceramic, glass or pretty much any surface with the correct paint.  

Famous Folk Art Artists
Edward Hick's era was 1780. His inspiration came from the Bible, and the stories he told were about a 'Peaceable Kingdom. Grandma Moses was born in 1860. Her folk art painting depicted nostalgic glimpses of daily life in rural New York and Virginia.  

Maude Lewis was born in 1903. She loved to  paint everything, even  the inside of her home was painted with flowers, animals and designs.  Her paintings on canvas told stories about everyday life in her little community in Nova Scotia. Her unique home was restored by the Nova Scotia Art Gallery and is on permanent display in the Gallery in Halifax.

So far I have painted stories on trays, chairs, old stools, a giraffe, chairs, walls and boxes. My folk art tells stories about family and history. Being surrounded by colourful folk art with special messages of young and old brings me daily joy!