Terrie Shaw 

Folk Art WorkShop

Central Lions -  Time and Dates to be announce

We will begin with a simple project, painting a black box!

The box will be pre painted for you and a template designed for you unless you would like to create your own.

Pictures of the project are shown below.

You can either bring your own supplies or purchase a kit from me.

​Sides of the box  

teapot and teacups .

Top of the box

Quaint little farm house.

Folk Art

Paint Your Story

Folk Art has been around for centuries, it's colourful, quaint and it tells a story. Folk Art Painting can be done on canvas, wood, ceramic, glass or pretty much any surface paint will adhere to. 

Famous Folk Art painters that have inspired me are; Edward Hicks - 1780, Grandma Moses - 1860, and Maude Lewis 1903. 

Over the years I have painted stories on trays, an old stool, a giraffe, chairs and boxes.

Folk Art Kit $25

1. One  5 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 2 1/2" black gesso box

2. Golden acrylic paints

3. brushes

4. templates of house, cups and saucers and teapot

5. Audrey ruler

6. Pencils and erasers

 7. Varnish