Terrie Shaw 

Folk Art Kit $25

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Central Lions -  Time and Dates to be announce

We will begin with a simple project, painting a black box!

The box will be pre painted for you and a template designed for you unless you would like to create your own.

Pictures of the project are shown below.

You can either bring your own supplies or purchase a kit from me.

Top of the box

Quaint little farm house.

​Sides of the box  

teapot and teacups .

1. One  5 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 2 1/2" black gesso box

2. Golden acrylic paints

3. brushes

4. templates of house, cups and saucers and teapot

5. Audrey ruler

6. Pencils and erasers

 7. Varnish

Folk Art

Paint Your Story

Folk Art has been around for centuries, it's colourful, quaint and it tells a story. Folk Art Painting can be done on canvas, wood, ceramic, glass or pretty much any surface paint will adhere to. 

Famous Folk Art painters that have inspired me are; Edward Hicks - 1780, Grandma Moses - 1860, and Maude Lewis 1903. 

Over the years I have painted stories on trays, an old stool, a giraffe, chairs and boxes.